The Gift of Creativity

A wise person once said, “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” We create everything, even life. How many of you believe you aren’t creative? Creativity is so much more than painting or drawing. The very first thing God revealed about Himself was that He is creative. Then, He made us in His image. Therefore, everyone is creative, though not necessarily artistic. A person’s creativity is synonymous with his or her self expression, and self expression comes in an infinite number of forms. Creativity doesn’t have to always be on paper. It’s in how you respond, the choices you make, how you live. By living, you are creating.

One of the keys to creativity is honoring your authentic self. Fear of being yourself will lead you into creating behind a mask—who you think you should be, based on other people’s opinions and not God’s. When creativity is filtered through the lens of what is popular or “trending” and the need for others’ approval, it’s not authentic creativity. Furthermore, when what you’re creating is not from your own unique, God-given voice but is a result of others’ voices, it’s not original, and it can hardly be considered creating but merely reproducing. The other key to creativity is creating with purpose. Creating without purpose is just experimenting.

Your authentic self and your purpose is revealed through consistent prayer, studying the Word of God, and fellowship with other believers. It’s imperative you don’t let Satan stifle your voice—your creativity—with the lies he tells and the fear of being different. Your creativity is your unique fingerprint on the world. Walking in your purpose, your uniqueness, and your authority is dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. Purposeful, authentic creativity is a force which is powerful beyond comprehension.

“Be you. No one is you, and that is your power.” -unknown

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