The Gift of God’s Voice

I love this photo and vividly remember the exact day I took it. It was spring, and I decided to go for a walk even though I was tired and didn’t feel much like it. It was one of those days I yearned to be in the presence of God even more so than usual. As I walked, I just took it all in—the beauty of God’s creation all around me, the way the warm sun felt on my skin, my heart as it pumped in my chest. I prayed while I walked, though I don’t recall what about. I turned on an unfamiliar street in my neighborhood and came to a little bridge. At that moment, I noticed the sun gleaming through the trees, shining its light onto a message carved into the bridge. “You are better than you think.”

God speaks to you most clearly when you are in a state of yearning. If you aren’t truly hungry for His presence, you’ll miss it!

The voice of God can be heard in a number of ways. He speaks to us through His Word, through the glory of His creation, through dreams, even through other people. God also speaks to us through our emotions and feelings. We have to be careful, though; if a particular feeling or idea we have doesn’t align with Scripture, it’s not from God! That’s part of the beauty of studying the Bible—it better equips you to discern and hear God’s voice.

The true gift of God’s voice is the relationship that comes with it. So many Christians will spend countless hours in prayer but will never even attempt to seek out any kind of response. You see, God doesn’t just want one-way communication with His people; He wants a relationship, a connection. What is the key to any relationship? Communication between one another.

I think about that spring day sometimes. When God told me to start a blog, I wrestled with Him for a good while about it. I told Him I didn’t have a clue what I would write about, and I told myself “I’m not good enough.” That’s when He reminded me once again of that day, and those words repeated back to me in my head. “You are better than you think.” What a gift those words were.

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