The Gift of God’s Guidance

There is no rock like our God. (1 Samuel 2:2)

I took a long walk yesterday to one of my favorite hiding places. I picked up several rocks that caught my eye and found a place to stack them.

A cairn is a set of stones set up as a marker, monument, or memorial of some kind. They are often used to mark points along hiking trails as well as locate caches of buried items such as food or other objects.

I decided to make a cairn of my very own as it was a good day, a special day even, and a day I wanted to remember. I placed a pretty white flower on top to commemorate my first walk of Spring 2022.

My walks are sacred to me. It’s a time I get to talk to God without interruption, enjoy nature, find inspiration, and do something good for my body all at once. The funny thing about my walks is that I never really know where I’ll end up. I’ve lived in my neighborhood for years but still get lost thanks to my lacking of any “sense of direction”. It’s ok though; God always leads me where I need to go.

As I walked yesterday, headed towards my “hiding place”, I got lost for a little while which extended my walk a good bit. In the midst of not knowing where I was, I stumbled upon several different opportunities for photos, and opportunities for photos means opportunities for blog posts! That’s one of the things I love about my blog— it marries two of my favorite forms of art: writing and photography. I whole heartedly believe God places me in very specific places at specific times in order to produce specific opportunities for photos because He wants me to write about a specific thing. God speaks like that; God guides like that!

As I stepped back and looked at my little cairn, I couldn’t help but think how God Himself is much like a cairn, guiding us through life, leading us to blessings, and marking every journey we make. Every milestone I reach, every memory I revisit, there He is, and there He was, ever-present in all His glory.

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