The Gift of Gratitude: Counting Our Blessings

I remember the first time I came here. It was a time before I really knew who I was, but God was in the process of showing me. (He still is!) As a rock collector, seeing all these rocks has always sparked joy inside of me.

I still come here all the time. I guess you could say it’s my very own hiding place. As I walked along this path a couple days ago, I thought to myself—If I counted every rock here, it wouldn’t even begin to amount to all the ways God has blessed me.

God has multiplied my blessings over the years; I genuinely believe my gratitude has played a role in that. You see, when we are truly grateful and count our blessings, God does something with that; He blesses us even more!

Years ago, I used to come to this place—before I had a steady job, before I started making my health a priority, before I got my finances in order. My life was a mess, but God was working inside of me, and I knew it. Even in all the uncertainty and what one might call “rock bottom”, I remained grateful to my God. This is when He let me in on a little secret— you are rich when you are grateful for what you have.

The first day I found this place, I made it my mission to find a heart shaped rock, and I searched until I found one. The funny thing is, it really didn’t take me that long to find it. Blessings are like that too. No matter how “rocky” you think your life is, if you make the choice to search for a blessing in the midst of unfortunate circumstances, you can find it.

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