The Gift of Color

My all time favorite question to ask someone has always been “What’s your favorite color?” Someone’s favorite color says so much about them. I have the hardest time choosing just one, and I used to really dislike that about myself. I’ve learned to love and accept that little quirk. Maybe, it’s the artist in me. What color or colors represents you?

I love to paint. Whenever I make a trip to an art supply store, I always have a difficult time deciding on which color paints to choose. Even if I only need pink— there are so many different shades of pink! And purple—there’s violet, there’s lavender, there’s lilac. An undeniable, universal truth exists when it comes to a set of paints: having just one color is not nearly as good as having several. As a creative, I love a good set of paints, each unique color serving it’s purpose in a finished work. Just as a creator of a set of paints created each specific color for a unique purpose, God, too, created each of us with intention. He never intended for us to all look the same.

You see this beautiful painting behind me? What if someone were to tell you that no one painted it, that the painting painted itself, or it appeared there by accident. That would be crazy, right? Paintings can’t just paint themselves. Look at all the detail, the brush strokes, the use of color. There’s no way that painting could exist without a painter!

The colors of creation glorify God; they testify to there being a creator.

A skeptic might argue that flowers evolved to have bright colors in order to attract insects. The truth is, though, flowers would’ve done fine with just one or two bright colors, but there are thousands of floral colors. Birds and tropical fish, too, could have survived just fine with a much more narrow variety of colors, yet thousands exist in them as well.

Have you ever noticed how color speaks a language of its own without using any words? Just as an artist uses different colors as a way to express him or herself, color is one of the ways in which God expresses Himself.

As a creative, taking in all the beauty in God’s creation is one of the ways I feel most connected to Him as it’s what truly inspires me. The most beautiful thing about the colors of creation is that through them, we are able to see a glimpse into the mind and heart of God.

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