The Gift of Waiting


Wait for the one who loves the Lord more than you.

Wait for the one who will never leave you confused, wondering where you stand.

Wait for the one who will never abandon nor give up on you.

Wait for the one who takes better care of you than his most prized possession.

Wait for the one who loves sacrificially.

Wait for the one worth submitting to.

Wait for the one that pursues, protects, and provides; wait for the one that leads.

Wait for the one who sees beauty in your perceived flaws.

Wait for the one who loves peace and pursues it.

Wait for the one who cares about your feelings and seeks to understand how your mind works.

Wait for the one who asks God how to love you correctly.

Wait for the one who will say “Let’s fix this.” instead of punishing you.

Wait for the one who prayed for you before he met you.

Wait until you have become exactly what you’re searching for, what you’re waiting for. We must begin to see waiting as a productive action and not a passive stance. In waiting, we must prepare—prepare ourselves to become everything it is we seek. A woman must become a wife before the husband comes along.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing. (Proverbs 18:22)

Women aren’t made into wives once they are married. No, being a wife is about one’s character. A wife is a woman who has prepared and made herself suitable to a husband, waiting patiently on the Lord to give to her the desires of her heart. She is obedient to God. She refuses to give to a man what belongs to a husband. She never rushes, never chases, never begs, and never stands for less than what she deserves. She has realized what is hers will be hers.

When we become who and what it is we are seeking, it’s then that we realize we don’t need anyone to complete us because we have what it is we seek on the inside of us.

We must understand that God’s plan is greater than any plan we have for ourselves. We must realize that in the absence of a romantic partner, God is enough; God is more than enough.

The gift of waiting lies in the amount of faith it requires. You see, when we refuse to settle, it’s because we believe God has something better for us—something worth waiting for.

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