The Gift of Confidence

Confidence—it’s one of those things that is elusive to some, seems natural to others, and leads many of us into a “fake it ‘til you make it” kind of mentality. The truth is, worldly confidence is elusive; it’s fleeting, and it will inevitably come and go at some point or another.

Godly confidence is a different kind of confidence altogether. It’s not arrogant, boastful, loud, or domineering. It doesn’t seek the approval of man. People with Godly confidence don’t hide themselves yet have nothing they are trying to prove to anyone else. They simply exist in truth. Godly confidence is not manipulative nor fake; it’s truth—truth in knowing who you are in Christ, your worth. Godly confidence isn’t competitive nor dependent on anyone or anything outside of God. Godly confidence is humble confidence, quiet confidence.

So what exactly is confidence anyway? Google’s first definition describes it as the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. In a lot of ways, our confidence is linked to our faith. Do you have faith in God and who He created you to be? Do you have faith in yourself? The stronger we become in our faith, the stronger our confidence becomes.

Google’s second definition states confidence is a feeling of self assurance arising from appreciation of one’s abilities or qualities. It takes confidence to do the things that God tells us to do. It takes confidence to start the blog, the business, to write the book. It takes confidence to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

We must also learn to make a distinction between adopting an inflated sense of self—an unrealistic idea that we are above other people and growing an appreciation for ourselves and our unique God-given qualities. We must learn to love ourselves without worshipping the self!

The true gift of confidence comes from the peace that flows from it. You will never find peace in counterfeit confidence—confidence dependent on the world or the self. Humankind will always fail you at some point; we have to get this part right. Even you will fail you at some point.

It’s because of the Lord we can rest in the quiet confidence, the firm belief that we have a purpose, our lives have meaning, and we are loved beyond measure.

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