The Gift of God’s Secret Garden

I know a place inside my soul

with every flower in bloom.

It’s filled with joy, vibrant colors,

and the scent of sweet perfume.


The waters are plenty,

crystal clear, and flowing.

The sky displays the purest blues,

the golden sun forever glowing.


The birds all sing a lovely tune,

and angels gather to hear.

There’s no anger nor bitterness;

there’s no pain nor fear.


This gift I received from the Lord—

a garden to call my own.

It’s the place where He tells me all of His secrets—

the place where I am known.


My very own Eden within my heart—

for nothing would I trade.

This hidden place, I finally found—

where I run to when I’m afraid.


There’s peace that surpasses all understanding

and unconditional love.

It’s the home of my beloved—

my Father from up above.


The path is dark, beaten, and rocky;

many will go astray.

Some will try to find their garden

but get lost along the way.


I hope one day you find your garden

if you haven’t found it yet.

I pray one day you meet your Father

if the two of you haven’t met.


God awaits ever so patiently

until we find our way.

The garden that was there all along

is the place where He will stay.


My heart at peace and my soul so quiet

since I opened that garden’s door.

It’s the gift of God’s secret garden—

my home forever more.


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