The Gift of God’s Wisdom

God gives wisdom generously to those who ask. (James 1:5)

God’s wisdom is one of the greatest evidences of His existence. The very best thing we can do for ourselves is to get in the habit of asking God for wisdom in everything.

God always answers, though it may not be immediately. I have a rule. When I ask God for wisdom about something, I always like to give it at least 24 hours. Often, I will pray and ask God what to do about a particular situation, and I’ll feel like I have the answer. So many times, He will answer the next day, and I am relieved I waited on His answer. It’s in the wait we can be sure we are getting His answer and not something else. Often times our flesh or our emotions will answer, and it can sound a lot like God in the moment! Pray about it first. Then go on about your day, and revisit it again later on. I’ve never regretted a decision that I’ve approached this way. Never.

I can recall a time when I first started the job I’m at today. The babies were all crying, and my aide was late getting back from lunch to relieve me for my break. I was frustrated, angry, hungry. When she returned, without thinking, I looked at her with frustration written all over my face, and asked “Could you let me know when you’re going to be late?” My reaction that stemmed from my own anger sparked anger in her as well. She looked at me and replied “I don’t have to tell you when I’m coming back.” After leaving for my break, I went to a quiet place. I took a deep breath, and I called her to apologize. She kindly accepted, and everything was great between us after that. This highlights a scenario that stemmed from reacting instead of responding—using no wisdom but only feelings to dictate my words and actions. Godly wisdom would have said, sit with your frustration and anger. Express it to God. Ask Him for guidance. Being someone who continually seeks out wisdom from God, I know exactly what He would have told me to do. He would have told me to let it go, be patient, and observe for patterns in the behavior of the person that left me frustrated. Then if necessary, have a very peaceable conversation with her when I’m not angry.

The wisdom that comes from God is first of all pure; peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, honest and sincere. (James 3:17)

In order to be certain whether or not we are using Godly wisdom, we must go back to Scripture to compare it with our thoughts and actions. I like using James 3:17 as a reference point. False wisdom is characterized by selfish ambition. False wisdom glorifies the self; Godly wisdom glorifies God.

We’ve all heard it, “Follow your heart. It will never lead you astray.” This is earthly wisdom; it’s false wisdom. Godly wisdom tells us the heart is deceitful above all things. (Jeremiah 17.9) Not only does this verse tell us the heart is deceitful; it tells us it is more deceitful than anything else. Your heart wants to see the good in people, in yourself. Your heart will tell you if someone has good intentions, that makes unrepentant sin (sin you don’t attempt to turn from consistently) ok, acceptable. This is how the enemy is able to trick someone whose heart is not deeply hidden in Christ.

God’s wisdom, like everything else, comes back down to our faith; that’s why faith is so important to God. His wisdom comes from having faith in Him, His logic, and ultimately His sovereignty. Like grace, wisdom is a free yet priceless gift given to anyone who has the faith to receive it.

One response to “The Gift of God’s Wisdom”

  1. When we ask for wisdom from God, he always gives it to us. Your method of waiting for the answer, shows wisdom. Blessings!


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