The Gift of a Woman’s Joy

“Joy-filled” an acrylic finger painting

Lately, I’ve really been enjoying my floral finger painting. It’s really brought out two sides of my personality that are precious to me—my femininity as well as my inner-child.

“Some days, you just have to take off work, put on some classical music and paint some flowers.” I told myself, and that’s exactly what I did that day. I can honestly say, very few things can spark joy in me quite like that.

As I began to move my fingers around this painting, I once again felt myself enter into the flow state. This painting was different than my last one, but also quite similar as well—both incredibly soft and feminine, but this one was, well, joyful.

A woman is pure joy when she is operating as the best version of herself. If someone were to ask me what I believe it means to be a woman, I would say existing in joy and love; they are the very ingredients that make a spiritually healthy woman. The problem is, as we become outwardly focused and center our lives on worldly things, we lose our sparkle; we lose our femininity.

I was riding in the car one day with a young girl, and we passed by a mural of painted flowers. I stopped mid conversation and commented about how pretty they were. Her only response was to scoff, almost mockingly. Of course, I didn’t hold it against her. I understood exactly why she responded that way. It’s been ingrained in her that it’s not safe to embrace her femininity in this world.

A woman’s joy represents her inner child; love represents her maturity. As a child, we are all born with joy inside of us, and unfortunately, little by little, the world can eat away at it. If we don’t learn to exist in love, we will lose that joy. When a woman learns to love others as well as herself and pursues the things she loves, she keeps that joy inside of her alive and well.

To the women reading this, I pray you will choose to love others as well as yourself, whoever that may be. I hope you begin to explore the things that sparked joy in you as a child. And if you see a colorful sunset, some beautiful artwork, or pretty flowers, I hope you aren’t afraid to let the whole world know it.

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