The Gift of God’s Grocery Store

God is the source of everything we need to nourish us, to survive. He is the source of our spiritual (as well as our physical) fruits. There’s something very important He needs, though, in order for us to receive our goods—He needs us to come to Him and ask for them.

I love to be able to pick up my groceries without having to go inside. It’s fast, convenient, and usually free of charge. The thing is, though, I have to rely on someone else to give me exactly what I asked for. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

When it comes to produce, particularly my fruit, I really like to go inside the store and get it myself. So often, I’ll order bananas from a personal shopper, and I’ll get nothing but a bunch of green ones. Other times, they will be too big or too small. Watermelon—I’m very particular about it. I’ve gotten it down to a science in knowing what to pick.

How often do we rely on another person to deliver to us joy, peace, confidence, happiness? It just doesn’t ever work out the way we want it. Another person can never deliver to you consistently what it is you need because they aren’t God. Everything good under the sun comes from God.

When I order bananas, the person doing my grocery shopping has no idea whether or not I want to go home and eat my bananas that day or if I want them later on in the week. They don’t know whether or not I need green ones or ripe ones. So what do they do? They grab whatever is in front of them and assume it will suffice.

The thing about personal shoppers, they don’t care about what it is you want nearly as much as you do. Sometimes you may come across someone who really loves what they do, who goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. More often than not, though, people are just trying keep their jobs and keep collecting their paychecks so they can do their own grocery shopping.

Likewise, people may love or truly care for you, but at the end of the day, most people care more about themselves than they ever will for you, and no one will ever care for you the way God cares for you.

We are really doing ourselves a disservice when we try to make other people responsible for us. Even if we could articulate our every need and every desire, no one would care to receive them the way the One who created you would.

Who are you letting do your spiritual grocery shopping? Your husband? Your wife? Maybe your friends or family? Today I want to encourage you to go straight to the source, and tell Him what you need. It’s time to cut out the middle man and take a walk inside God’s grocery store.

One response to “The Gift of God’s Grocery Store”

  1. Amen! I love to do my own grocery shopping so I get just what I want. Many people I know that use personal shoppers do not get the thinks they desire. God is calling me to a deeper walk with him and not feeding off of others.

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