The Gift of Sharing Treasure

It all started when the sweet little old lady next door decided to share with me one of her best kept secrets—a nearby laundry room for the residents in our area, much cheaper than any laundromat around. Although it wasn’t exactly a secret, I had no idea about it until she decided to share it with me. Because of this little treasure, I will save time, gas, and money every single weekend!

When was the last time you decided to share a little treasure with someone? That particular instance inspired me to do some sharing of my own. I remembered last fall when my new neighbor knocked on my door to ask if I knew where the laundry room was. Puzzled, I responded I didn’t know there was one and told him I had always used a laundromat. Now was the perfect opportunity to share with him my recent discovery, and that’s exactly what I did.

Later that morning as I drove, I couldn’t help but feel truly grateful that my list of errands would be one errand shorter that day. I pulled up to the bank to get some rolls of quarters, and I opened up my glove box to search for a withdrawal slip and pen. I glanced to the side of my glove box and saw a bag of treasures I had stored in there. I remembered the day I broke open some geodes when I had decided I was going to leave the pieces in random places for people to find. I picked out my favorite piece of the bunch and decided to take it with me.

When I arrived back home, I made my way to the laundry room to drop off my clothes and take a walk around the neighborhood, geode piece in hand. As I walked, I realized something. It was the sweet little old lady sharing a treasure with me that led me to opening my glove box for a deposit slip so I could get some quarters. (I always used my debit card or a coin machine at the laundromat) That then led me to noticing the geode pieces which led me to sharing my own treasure.

I began to reflect on a conversation I had had earlier that week with a friend about my book. I told her how I had hesitated to share it because I didn’t want people to think I was bragging or pushing them to buy it. She then encouraged me to share my book with others instead of keeping it to myself. She said it’s not about the money or notarity. It’s not about bragging; it’s about sharing the good news the way God wired you to. During that conversation, I was reminded of what inspired this blog—sharing my gifts, sharing my treasure.

Today I want to encourage you to leave places, leave people better than you found them. Gifts were meant to be shared not kept to yourself. When we keep our gifts to ourselves, the devil wins because that’s exactly what he wants us to do. You must share knowing not everyone will be in your corner routing for you or like what you have to say. Share anyway.

I placed the little geode piece safely in the nook of a tree trunk. Many will probably walk right passed it. Others might glance at it and keep walking. But someone who keeps their eyes open for treasure will catch a glimpse of sparkle, and just maybe they’ll be inspired to share with someone treasures of their own.

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