The Gift of a Blessing

Something happened the other day that would forever change me as a human. It was Friday evening after a long week of work; I was starving, and all I wanted was to pick up my food and go home. A woman, holding her debit card as she was exiting, stopped me on my way inside my favorite restaurant and asked me if I knew where an ATM around there was. Apparently her card wasn’t working in the restaurant. I was so deep in my own feelings, it didn’t even register to me that she was in need. That was the perfect opportunity for me to really bless someone and pay for her meal, but instead, I told her she should try a gas station. As I got in my car, to-go box in hands, something inside began to hurt, and I knew it was conviction.

Jesus would have immediately recognized the need of that woman and offered to help. But not me; I didn’t recognize it because a part of me didn’t want to in that moment. I just wanted to get what I went there for and go home. How often do we subconsciously ignore or block out the needs of others? Probably a lot more than we realize.

I pray to grow in kindness and compassion. I pray for more opportunities to bless others. I pray that I’m forgiven for failing that woman, for failing God and the test He gave to me.

I wasn’t able to help the lady that day, but maybe someone could learn from my mistake; I know I did. When we are a blessing to someone, it encourages them to become a blessing to others as well. If we can just tune our hearts to a station of compassion, we can change the world one blessing at a time.

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