The Gift of Giving in Secret

If you really want to grow spiritually, do something nice for someone, and don’t tell a single soul. How we behave when no one is watching reveals our true character.

The Bible tells us to give in secret—it is an act of faith to give while believing your good deeds won’t go unnoticed by God. The more generously we give, and the less people know about it, the more special it truly is. The more we are focused on the approval of men, the less room we have for desiring God’s. So, put your donations in envelopes, and seal them. Fold your checks. When you help a stranger, don’t post about it on Facebook.

It’s not so much that we should hide our good deeds, but instead, we should become aware of our motives. Thus, giving secretly is a good exercise or way to train our brains to give for the right reasons. Is it difficult for you to give in secret? That means you need to even more! The more we do these things without the desire for anyone else’s approval or recognition, the more giving becomes a part of our nature, making us who we are.

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