The Gift of Butterflies

The other day, I made a trip to one of my favorite quiet places. As I sat there, a butterfly flew around me, and I took in its beauty. Whenever I see a butterfly, I’m reminded that there’s a time and a season for everything, and God will make everything new.

Caterpillars go through a period of darkness before transforming into the beautiful creature we all know as the butterfly. It’s during this time of solitude and quietness that growth and transformation happens.

Much like the caterpillar in the cocoon, the baby forms inside the mother’s womb before being birthed into a new world. The seed buried beneath the soil is the necessary precursor to becoming the beautiful flower. Sometimes we find ourselves in a dark place, and we think the world is ending when it’s actually just beginning.

Life is all about transformation. As the baby inside the womb believed darkness is all there was, it was given birth; when the seed’s roots reached the outside world, it bloomed, and just when the caterpillar thought its life was over, it began to fly.

That night I climbed into my bed, another quiet place. I closed my eyes in spite of the darkness knowing when I opened them, I’d be in the midst of another new beginning.

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