The Gift of a Dozen Reasons

I walked outside and saw the sun

shining big and bright.

I felt it’s warm rays on my skin,

and everything was right.


I heard the song of a blue jay

from high up in a tree.

I saw it get up and fly away

and felt grateful I too was free.


I saw the flowers blooming

in purple, pink, red, and blue.

I thanked the Lord for the gift of color

and for flowers too.


My skin got hot and began to burn.

Then, I felt a breeze.

I looked up above and thanked the Lord

as I saw the moving trees.


I came across a beaten path

with rocks as far as one could see.

I searched until finding a heart shaped rock,

and I took it home with me.


Every rock— a different size and shape,

just like me and you.

They remind me to thank the Lord

for my own uniqueness too.


I saw a butterfly in all it’s glory

soar across the sky.

I then was reminded that rebirth is the gift

that enabled it to fly.


The clouds moved in and gave me shade

from the summer sun’s heat.

I then looked down to see some raindrops

falling at my feet.


Even the rain is truly a blessing

to each of us, you know.

It cools us off and waters the plants;

It helps us all to grow.


Making my way home, I just so happened

to look up at the sky.

Over the hill and above the trees,

a rainbow caught my eye.


When I made it home, the sun was setting,

and I paused to take it in.

The Lord’s an artist we get to witness

again and again.


I walked in my home and was greeted

by my favorite reason of all—

a black and white beauty with golden eyes

no bigger than a foot tall.


We all have our reasons to thank the Lord

in all that we do.

Today I just wanted to share a dozen

of my reasons with you.


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  1. So beautiful and uplifting!

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