The Gift of Your Glow

Lately I’ve been on a sunless tanning journey. When I realized my old foundation powder no longer matched my skin tone, I decided to make a trip to the makeup store. I quickly grabbed a couple of shades of powder and made a beeline to the first employee I saw who wasn’t already helping someone—a beautiful African American lady with bright red hair. As I drew closer to her, I immediately could tell she didn’t want to be there. I couldn’t quite tell if she was sad or frustrated, maybe a combination of both. As we came face to face, it was too late to turn back, so I politely asked if she minded helping me decide on a shade. After letting me know which shade was a better match for me, I hesitantly asked if there was another shade she could recommend that would be even closer. When we walked over to the isle, she scanned the remaining powders and then grabbed one to read the back. “Golden Nude.” she said. “I think this just might be your color.” I noticed the tone of her voice had changed from monotonous and melancholy to light, upward, and confident. I followed her back to the mirror, she took a swipe of the powder, and applied it to my skin. “That’s it.” She said with a smile.

As I made my way to the checkout line, I wondered if maybe someone having faith in her was what she needed that day. I had faith in her. My skin tone looked nothing like hers, so by asking for her opinion, it was actually showing the faith I had in her abilities. I’m grateful God gave me that opportunity.

When you have faith, you glow differently; you glow in a way that can’t be replicated from the sun or even the very best sunless tanners. Sometimes we just need to have a little more faith in people and let them see that faith. And as for the lady with the bright red hair—thank you for helping me find my glow.

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