The Gift: Sensitivity is Your Superpower

I can vividly remember being a little girl and my mom singing—

On top of spaghetti

all covered with cheese,

I lost my poor meatball

when somebody sneezed.

I began to cry, and a look of pure confusion spread across my mother’s face. “Why are you crying?” She asked. “The poor meatball!” I cried.

Sensitive people are wired differently; they are wired to be sensitive to the presence of God in order to fulfill His purpose. Unfortunately, this makes us sensitive to pretty much everything else as well. It also makes us vulnerable to trauma, emotional pain, even bullying.

Many sensitive people will fall down the hole of addiction in order to cope and never reach God’s ultimate will for their lives. I learned a long time ago though, numbing yourself to your pain also numbs you to joy. If it hurts, let it hurt. Let it hurt, knowing the pendulum will soon swing all the way in the other direction. It’s the way you’re wired!

As a sensitive, you’ll feel things more intensely—the terrible but also the wonderful! Sensitivity means you’re more creative, more intuitive, and if you just learn to master your emotions, potentially one of the most joyful people on the planet!

It’s a long road to joy for many of us. We have to endure and overcome a lot to arrive at peace. We have to find our strength, our strength to get back up every time we are knocked down.

The world tells us that being sensitive means we are weak, fragile, but I beg to differ. The weakness and fragility comes with the inability of the sensitive person to master their emotions. Learning to master our emotions is one of the most important things we as sensitives can ever do for ourselves. When we master our emotions, learn to not take things personally, and maintain our boundaries, we come to see that our sensitivity isn’t actually a weakness at all, in fact, it’s more like a superpower.

I used to see my sensitivity as a flaw, something that I must work through and overcome. Ironically enough, I’ve come to see that sensitivity is actually one of my greatest gifts of all.

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    Marilyn Joseph

    Beautiful like you❤️

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