The Gift of Your Markings

My cat, Sassy, is full of unique markings. One of my favorites is the one right on the bottom of her little paw. One can be found on her ear and the roof of her mouth as well. These are just some of the markings that make Sassy who she is.

You will know them by their fruits. (Matthew 7:16)

True followers of Jesus have markings as well. We are marked by our fruits. If we are not kind, if we are not peaceable, if we are not self-controlled, can we truthfully call ourselves a Christian? According to Matthew 7:16, we can’t.

What kind of fruit marks you as a believer? Perhaps you’re marked by small, underdeveloped fruits, fruits that are on their way to becoming bigger. Or maybe your fruits aren’t even fruits at all yet but merely seeds that have been planted. Maybe you have full, ripe, and plentiful fruits. In order to properly assess our walk with God, we have to make sure we are examining our fruits, our markings.

The beauty of our markings lies in their ability to separate truth from falsehood, light from dark. Because of our markings, we can be recognized, and we can be known.

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