The Gift of Birds and the Sound of Joy

Currently listening to “Joy in the Morning” by Tauren Wells

What does joy sound like to you? To me, it’s the sound of Sassy purring, the sound of my Keurig warming up first thing in the morning, a flock of birds making a joyful noise as they congregate around the feeder outside my window.

As I sat cozy in my chair with a fresh cup of coffee the other morning, I listened to the peaceful sound of Sassy purring as she lay curled up next to me. I heard the familiar sound of birds outside my window, and even though my body was fighting a nasty cold, my heart felt full.

Joy is as much a sound as it is a feeling. Even when we don’t feel good, life is still good, and there is still joy all around us. There’s joy to be heard, seen, tasted, touched, even smelled.

That morning I was grateful for birds and their joyful noise. I was grateful to hear their songs of appreciation for the food I set out for them. Most of all, I was grateful for the gentle reminder that joy is always among us if we just listen closely.

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