The Gift of a Heart-Shaped Rock

Today I just wanted to share a little something with you—my weird hobby.

When I tell people I collect rocks, they often respond with “Rocks? What kind of rocks?”

It’s not the type of rock that makes it special; it’s the place it was found in, the memories associated with it.

When I take my rock home from the place or time I want to remember, I like to paint it in a way that reminds me of that place or time.

In my rock bag, I have a rock from Mynelle Gardens, one of my favorite little spots.

The next one shown is from The MS Tunnel of Trees—a place I searched for hours to finally find.

Then my rock from the Natchez Trace Cypress Swamp.

And the one from the infamous Windsor Ruins.

The next one is from a wildflower garden in my hometown.

And the multi colored one is from the art garden at the MS Museum of Art.

Many of my rocks from the bag are from walks I took in my neighborhood where I had meaningful conversations with Lord, and I never want to forget those times.

I painted the rock with the flower on it when I had Covid.

And my all time favorite rock is of course my heart shaped rock, the rock I found at a time I felt the most vulnerable in my life. I was unemployed, and I spent a lot of my days out in nature. It was at this time I learned that the deepest and truest love we can ever know is the love we receive from God.

All I wanted that day was to find a heart shaped rock, so I prayed to find one. I had envisioned a small pebble, but God gave me this rock. God is like that— you ask in faith for something, and He gives you something a thousand fold better than what you ever imagined.

Never stop doing the things that bring you joy. This is my weird hobby; what’s yours?

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