The Gift of Her Clothing

Strength and dignity are her clothing. (Proverbs 31:25)

In this photo, I’m wearing my new/old favorite top. I discovered this little treasure in the midst of a pile of clothes my mom was getting ready to donate. My mom has given so much to me—new clothes and old, but my most favorite “hammy downs” are undoubtedly her strength and her dignity.

Have you ever looked at someone and said to yourself “I see God on this person.”? Whenever someone looks at me, I want my bright pink top to be the last thing they notice, or at the very least, the least beautiful thing about me. I heard someone once say when an unbeliever that knew a believer meets Jesus, He should look familiar to them. That person should be reminded of all the times they saw God in the believers they knew while they were alive. That struck me because I long to be that person.

We clothe ourselves with various fabrics and materials, and we use them as a covering, but what about our spiritual covering? What are you covering yourself, your children with spiritually?

Our physical clothing will never be enough to cover us; we must maintain our spiritual covering as well.

We all maintain our physical clothing when we launder, iron, remove stains, stitch up holes, and replace items that are no longer wearable. How many of us though work just as hard to maintain our spiritual clothing?

I left my mother’s house that day with a few new outfits that I’m really excited to wear. Truthfully though, what I’m most grateful for are the things money can’t buy, the things she gave to me a long time ago.

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