The Gift of Rejection

I often pray a particular prayer.

“God please remove those who are not called to my life. God please keep me from wasting my time on someone or something that isn’t meant to be.”

God has always been faithfully consistent in answering that prayer though it doesn’t always feel good. The truth is though I would rather deal with the disappointment of not getting what I want than wake up one day and realize I’ve wasted my time, my life. Rejection hurts when we see it as rejection instead of God’s provision. Rejection doesn’t have to hurt. Rejection can actually be your biggest blessing.

There was a time in my life I whole heartedly believed I was in love. After spending years of my life pouring into a man that God never intended for me to be with, a man God told me time and time again to move on from, he finally left me to move out of state. Once he left, I was able to hear God more clearly, and I realized he didn’t leave me; he didn’t reject me; God removed him from my life.

Your authentic self is designed to remove those who are not called to your life. The problem was, for many years I was anything but my authentic self, so I attracted all sorts of things that really hurt me because they were never meant to be a part of my life.

We think when we have more options, that makes life easier, but the truth is, it actually makes it harder. It makes it much easier to be deceived or misled. Rejection is God speaking to us through another person or circumstance when we are too weak or too blind to walk away from it ourselves.

Rejection is nothing but a closed door. Imagine what it would be like to be blind. You’re in a new house, and all you want to do is take a hot shower, but you have to find it on your own. It would probably take longer than you might have hoped. Now imagine every door in that house was closed except for the bathroom door, the door that leads to where you want to go. How much easier would it be and how much time would you save by having all those other doors closed for you?

The place you’re at now is a culmination of closed doors, doors you were never meant to walk through. Thank the Lord you aren’t desired by everyone. Thank the Lord not every door opens for you. Thank the Lord for removing people from your life that were never meant to be apart of it. When all is said and done, we will look back and realize it was the closed doors that helped guide us to the open ones; it was the rejection that led us to our happy ending.

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